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Volatile organic compounds (VOC) in articles PDF 

Are you going to place the products containing volatile organic compounds on the market in Slovak Republic and do not you know how to fulfill the obligations relevant for your company under the national legislation?

We offer to you advisory as follows:


  • Consultation service in the field of chemical safety of articles.
  • Analyzes of obligations under relevant national legislation.
  • Representing your company in the matter in consultation with the competent state institutions.


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The Act no. 137/2010 Coll. on air, as amended (implemented Directive 2004/42/CE, Directive 2008/50/EC), Regulations no. 127/2011 laying down the list of regulated articles, labeling their packaging and the requirements on limiting emissions of volatile organic compounds in the use of organic solvents in regulated articles and Decree no. 359/2010 Coll. the requirements for limiting emissions of volatile organic compounds due to the use of organic solvents in regulated products is focused on surfactants placed on the market in Slovak Republic.

VOCs are volatile organic compounds, each organic compound anthropogenic and biogenic source, other than methane capable of producing photochemical oxidants by reactions with nitrogen oxides in the presence of sunlight.

Volatile organic compound (VOC) means any organic compound having an initial boiling point less than or equal to 250°C measured at a standard pressure of 101, 3 kPa;

Regulated articles are paints, varnishes and products containing organic solvents for the vehicle refinishing objects and their parts.

Category A of regulated articles:

Regulated articles used for surface treatment of objects, such as buildings, structures, fittings and fixtures for decorative purposes, functional purposes and safety purposes, except aerosols:


  • Matt interior paints,
  • Exterior coatings for surface treatment of mineral materials,
  • Interior and exterior paints for the coating of wood, metal and plastic with a decorative effect or a protective effect,
  • Interior and exterior paints for wood, metal and plastics and enamels for wood,
  • Wood stains for thin coating wood,
  • Base paints,
  • Penetration and reinforcing paints,
  • Special one and two component paints,
  • Multi-colored paints,
  • Paints with decorative effects.


Category B of regulated articles:

Regulated products used for repairs and recoating vehicles or parts for their maintenance, repair or for decoration outside the production process:


  • Preparation of formulation e.g. means for cleaning equipment,
  • Means for cleaning the surface of e.g. means the removal of surface contamination prior to application of paint,
  • Sealants and fillers,
  • Base paints,
  • Leveling coating,
  • Base coatings for metal,
  • Reactive base paints with a share of at least 0.5% by weight of phosphoric acid,
  • Top coatings,
  • Backing paints,
  • Pigmented coatings,
  • Transparent coatings e.g. varnishes,
  • Special top coatings designed finishes.


Producer or importer who place organic solvents, paints, adhesives, inks and varnishes containing organic solvents and other products containing organic solvents on the market in Slovakia is required to prepare technical documentation and on request provide it to consumers, the state administration body and the Slovak Inspection environment.

Content of technical documentation (§ 14 sec. 5 of Act No. 137/2010 Coll.):


  • Product density in g/cm3,
  • Content of organic solvents expressed as weight fraction kg / kg of product,
  • total organic carbon content in organic solvents in the product mass fraction expressed in kg / kg of product,
  • Content of non-volatile matter (dry weight) in the product, expressed as % by weight of the total product weight.


The production or import of regulated articles (eg. Paints, varnishes and products with VOC designed for vehicle refinishing buildings and parts) and placed on the market in Slovak Republic is allowed only if they fulfill the established limits for maximum VOC content (Annex 2 to Decree No. 127 / 2011 Coll.) and their packages are labeled in accordance with requirements of national legislation (§ 3 sec. 2 of Act No. 127/2011 Coll.).

Producers and importers who placed on the market in Slovak Republic regulated articles are required to keep records on its quantity and quality and to submit these data for inspection 15 February each year for the previous calendar year (§ 10 of Act no. 127/2011 Coll. ).

Packaging regulated products have to be label included data (Article 3 § 2 of Decree no. 127/2011 Coll.):


  • Category and Subcategory regulated  articles,
  • Limit value for maximum content of VOC in g / l,
  • Maximum content of VOC in the state in which the regulated article is ready for use.